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Inside the Great News Studio with Blair Milo: A Compilation

The State of Indiana is moving in a positive direction and one of the dynamic leaders making it all happen is Blair Milo. Former Mayor of La Porte, Milo now serves as the Secretary of Career Connections and Talent for the State of Indiana. Her career has her focusing on connecting Hoosiers with employers and working to fill the one million jobs there are estimated to be in the next 10 years. We were lucky enough to have Milo in the Great News Studio to talk about Indiana, higher education, and the lessons she's learned over time. Take a look:


Being a Boilermaker in a Hoosier State Secretary of Connections & Talent Blair Milo

It's no secret that Blair Milo is a proud Purdue graduate, but her pride in being a Boilermaker doesn't stop her from placing value in the positive changes all the higher education institutions in Indiana are making. Her role as Secretary of Career Connections and Talent has her fielding calls from California, Florida, and Washington D.C. as people look to Indiana to see what they're doing to improve the world of education.

The sky's the limit: Secretary of Connections Talent, Blair Milo at the Great News Studios

As a heavy advocate for the Region, Milo has often used Northwest Indiana as an example for teamwork and collaboration. Now that she's working with various areas, she's learning their unique characteristics and how they can best be used to further goals for the State of Indiana. She believes fostering collaboration is the best way to move forward.

Lessons Learned From Navy: Secretary of Connections Talent, Blair Milo at the Great News Studios

After many years in government work, Milo is fully aware that the U.S. has faced many challenges, but sees hope for the future because it continues to push forward with integrity. The success of the country, and Indiana as a state, takes engagement and a dedication to the foundation on which the country was built.

Indiana Workforce & Development: Sec. of Connection & Talent Blair Milo at the Great News Studio

Considering the influx of new jobs anticipated to flood Indiana, Milo leads the charge in preparing educators, employers, local government officials, and other stakeholders to fill that workforce. She encourages each party to take a more creative approach to the challenge, encouraging coalition building, local engagement, and creating opportunities for students and workers alike to build valuable skill sets they can carry into the work world.

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