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Roller Derby Comes to Northwest Indiana with "Region Rat Rollers" Team

The first meeting for anyone interested in participating in the “Region Rat Rollers” derby team is December 14th, Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at Three Floyds Brewery in Munster, Indiana. People do not need to know the sport or the rules, but should be comfortable on quad skates. RSVP is required by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling April at (219) 508-8780.

Roller derby has become an organized, professional sport over the last few years. It was born in the US in the 1930's, became highly popular in the 1950's, fizzled out, but then was modernized as a professional athletic sport in the 2000's by four girls in Austin Texas.

Now there are over 500 leagues across the world, and spreading quickly. Indiana has leagues from South Bend through Bloomington down through Evansville and Indy.

Here in the region, we have a need for this type of sport. Roller derby can get aggressive, but there are lots of rules and protective gear involved. The 'bouts' (games) are family events, and involve supporting the DIY community and small business community. The main thing people should know is that women who become involved in roller derby are not only athletic, it is ALL about being a strong, fearless, driven woman who is not afraid to overcome obstacles. These women are tough on the track, but in person, their hearts are huge, making them great role models for younger girls.

When not training or competing, most of their time is spent organizing and holding fundraisers to raise money for charities within their local community. They are passionate about their community and work hard to give back. The teams are non-profit operated. From the games to the fundraising events, it is ALL for the community.

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