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Valpo Boys Track & Field Win Their First Meet of the Season

Valparaiso Boys Track & Field won their first meet of the season. Valpo hosted the meet against Gary West Side High School. All gave their best at the meet. This is indoor season making a smaller track more challenging. The track is much smaller than the outdoor track so events have been modified to compensate, but it is still very fast paced and exciting to watch.

Top 3 for each event are as follows:

Running Events

4x800 Relay:

1st - N. Jeftich, M. Bobos, C. Stiscak, E. Ouellette | 9:08
2nd - A. Jankowski, A. Coulopoulus, K. Hickey, D. Finley | 9:11
3rd -  P. Reed, T. Bisacchi, J. Galligan, L. Davison | 9:14

55 M High Hurdles:
1st - D. Mahome 8:25 Gary West Side (GWS)
2nd - J. Marciniak 8:40 VHS
3rd - K. Upshaw 9:45 GWS

55 M Dash
1st - A. Vasile 6:81 VHS 
2nd - T. Jelks 6:90 GWS 
3rd - N. Bride 6:92 GWS

1600 M Run:
1st - P. Reed 4:42 VHS
2nd - N. Jeftich 4:46 VHS
3rd - A. Jankowski 4:51 VHS

4x100 Lap Relay:
1st - V. Milton, A. Vukelic, Q. Gean, A. Vasile | 1:20 VHS
2nd D. Mahome, T. Jelks, N. Bride, J. Bell | 1:25.65 GWS
3rd A. Madrigal, C. Dawson, N. Greco, M. Johnson | 1:25.83 VHS

400 M Dash:
1st C. Zander 00:57.81 VHS
2nd N. Bride 00:58.47 GWS
3rd M. Debats 00:59.93 VHS

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55 M Int Hurdles:
1st J. Marciniak 8:20
2nd A. Vasile 8:62 VHS
3rd M. Johnson 8:87 VHS

800 M Run:
1st D. Marchetti 2:08.28 VHS
2nd L. Jefferies 2:12.61 GWS
3rd N. Jeftich 2:13.64 VHS

300 M Dash:
1st Q. Gean 40:31 VHS
2nd A. Vasile 40:40 VHS
3rd J. Bell 40:94 GWS

3200 M Run:
1st P. Reed 10:19 VHS
2nd A. Coulopoulos 10:29 VHS
3rd P. Dalton 10:45 VHS

4x3 Lap Relay:
1st Q. Jeffries, K. Jeffries, L. Jeffries, T. Jelks | 4:29.75 GWS
2nd J. Robinson, N. Hartman, M. Debats, C. Alfredson | 4:29.75 VHS

High Jump:
1st J. Romanov 6'2 VHS
2nd N. Lamm 5'10
3rd A. Madrigal 5'8 VHS

Long Jump:
1st J. Romanov 21'2" VHS
2nd M. Burnett 19'1"VHS
3rd J. Clayborne 17'5" GWS

VHS Pole Vault:
1st M. Burnett 12' VHS
2nd J. Chapman 10'6" VHS
3rd C. Bellavia 9' VHS

Shot Put:
1st Pappas 44'4" VHS
2nd Jorden 41'9 VHS
3rd Hayes 39'2" VHS

Great job VHS. Next meet for Valpo will be indoor at Portage High School on Tuesday, March 8th. Meet starts at 4:30pm. Come and cheer for Valpo Track & field.

Photos include:
Nick Jeftich running in the 4x800 Relay
Zack Buchwalter long jump
Peyton Reed running 1600 M Run
Corey Alfredson starting off in the 400 M Dash

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