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Pumps Fitness: Share The Love Fat Burner

Pumps-Fitness-Share-The-Love-Fat-BurnerPumps Fitness has a new rapid fat loss program called the Share The Love Fat Burner that’s proven to melt fat fast!

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Pumps Fitness Spotlight on Nicole Blaschke

Pumps-Fitness-Spotlight-on-Nicole-BlaschkeIt’s Not Just About the Weight
My journey to fitness is 6 months in the making. Before this I had countless "failed" attempts to regain control; take my life back, get off medicine, be more active, eat healthier, and make better choices. WOW!!! That seems so overwhelming to read those words back to myself. So many of us know the steps and what it takes but still we continue to read numerous articles, pin way too many Pinterest diets, exercises and ways to plan for our fitness success but in the end we still choose to live the same way. Living the same way I had for the past 20 years. Man how time flies!!!! Looking back I see all the times I swore this time would be different and this would be the time the change would stick only to find weeks later and often times only days later, myself...

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Pumps Fitness: This Is Better Than Perfection

rot2Do you follow fitness stars on social media? Their perfect, chiseled images popping up in your newsfeed to give you just the right amount of motivation to get you into the gym…or does it?

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Pumps Fitness: Your Must-Have Guide to Smart Ordering in Restaurants

Pumps-Fitness-Your-Must-Have-Guide-to-Smart-Ordering-in-RestaurantsHere are some ‘little things’ you can do every time you eat out – and rack up plenty of calorie savings in the process.

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Pumps Fitness Spotlight on LaDonna Trapp


I have been involved in education for most of my life, including acquiring a Bachelors degree majoring in Psychology at Valparaiso University while being a wife, mom and full time employee. My employment has most always revolved around education.

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Top 10 Pumps Fitness Video Tips


Ian Bowen of Pumps Fitness is working hard to provide his followers with powerful tips to aid them on their fitness journey. From motivation and new exercises to best practices in starting off your fitness routine right, he provides comprehensive and helpful tips for free!

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Pumps Fitness Recipes: Sake Marinated Steak

Pumps-Fitness-Recipes-Sake-Marinated-SteakWhat’s better than a salt n’ pepper grilled steak? A Sake Marinated Grilled Steak! The complex flavors contributed by this Sake Marinade combine to create a steak experience that you’ll want to repeat.

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Have Fitness Resolutions You Want To Keep For Once? Here Are 12 Game Changing Do’s and 8 Dont's Straight From Fitness Experts


The gap between the holidays and New Year’s Day can be a long week for some of us. The winter blues combined with too much turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and more is enough to make one forgo adulthood in favor of hibernation. While motivation may seem far off, with 2018 around the corner, there’s no better time to pull yourself from the snowy trenches and get crackin’ on paving the way for personal improvement.

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Pumps Fitness New Year's Revolution

NY Rev

Okay, so it's no secret Ian of Pumps Fitness gets excited about creating workouts and fat loss programs, and this is no exception.

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Pumps Fitness Recipes: Guilt-Free Chocolate Treat

Pumps-Fitness-Recipes-Guilt-Free-Chocolate-TreatMost of the time chocolate treats are filled with refined sugars that will slow your fitness results. Well, today I have a recipe that uses zero-sugar, stevia-sweetned chocolate that will make both your sweet tooth and your waistline very happy.

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Valparaiso Fit Body Boot Camp to Host Grand Opening with Mission of Raising Funds for Local Charity, The Caring Place


I work with a company called Fit Body Boot Camp, and we are opening a new franchise in Valparaiso, Indiana. Owner Michele Stalion will be hosting a Grand Opening at her location, Valparaiso FBBC, on December 16th, 2017 at 902 Calumet Ave #3, Valparaiso, IN, 46383 from 11 am – 3 pm.

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