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What Chiropractic Patients Want To Know About Bell’s Palsy

article-220-bells-palsyPeople with Bell’s Palsy usually have limited treatment options. Because the condition affects each person differently, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. The steroid prednisone is often prescribed to treat patients, but there are many harmful side effects. Massage and physical therapy may also be used, but the results. Chiropractic care is a noninvasive, medication free way to treat Bell’s Palsy and there are several studies that prove it.

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What Age Should You Begin Chiropractic?

article-219-chiropractic-all-agesIn the last few decades chiropractic care has enjoyed a tremendous boost in popularity among adults. They use it to help manage their pain, relieve chronic conditions, prevent injury, and improve range of motion, flexibility, and overall wellness. But at what age should you begin chiropractic? What is the best time to start seeing a chiropractor?

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How Safe Is Bottled Water?

article-218-bottled-waterDrink more water. Stay hydrated. Water is good for you. These are the messages that we hear over and over as we pursue a healthy lifestyle, strive to lose weight, or overcome many chronic conditions. It seems that water is a vital part of life – and it’s accurate. The problem is, it seems every “expert” has a different opinion of just what is the best way to get this life sustaining substance. There are many different messages out there about what is the best water, the best source – what’s healthy and what isn’t. How do you cut through all the hype and get to the truth? The answer isn’t as cut and dry as you might think.

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Can Chiropractic Be Used On My Pets?

article-217-petsYou hear a lot about people going to the chiropractor to relieve their pain and other conditions, but did you know that your pet can get those benefits as well? Chiropractic for pets has been steadily gaining in popularity and now some pet insurance policies even cover it. In the same ways that it helps human patients, it also helps animals, offering a less invasive, medication free way to manage their pain and correct many health issues, including arthritis and joint injuries. A number of pet owners claim chiropractic is not only great for their pets, but that their pets are excited to go to appointments and see their chiropractors.

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3 Tips for Balancing Hormones Naturally

article-216-hormonesMany people have hormonal imbalances and don’t even realize it. Even with medical tests for abnormal thyroid function, it doesn’t always pick up on a thyroid that isn’t functioning as it should. The same goes for the adrenals. When they get overtaxed, the hormonal imbalance that follows can be very difficult. Fortunately, there are some very good natural remedies for hormonal imbalance.

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Exotic Education Day at Vale Park Animal Hospital for their Animal Husbandry Demo


If a pet is not a cat or a dog, it is considered exotic. Exotics include reptiles that live in tanks, but also furry friends like rabbits and guinea pigs. Dr. Harsy shared her personal and professional expertise on a wide range of exotics at Vale Park Animal Hospital on Saturday to offer valuable insights for current and prospective exotic pet owners.

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Sprain vs Strain: What’s the Difference?

article-215-strain-sprain You are out hiking and twist your ankle. It hurts, but you make it back to your car without much problem. You notice you have some swelling and it is sore, so you head home for some good, old fashioned R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation). You pass it off, saying, “Oh, it’s just a sprain.” However, when your doctor checks you out the next day, he tells you that it is “strained.” Sprain vs strain, what’s the difference?

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What Are Dermatomes and Myotomes?

article-214-dermatomes-myotomesThe spinal cord and brain make up the central nervous system while the spinal nerves (branching to the spinal cord) and cranial nerves (branching to the brain) make up the peripheral nervous system. There are 31 sets of nerves that extend out of the spinal cord and are connected to it by the nerve root. Each nerve branches out about a half inch from the spinal cord before dividing into smaller branches. The dorsal rami are on the posterior side of the branch while the larger ventral rami are on the anterior side.

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3 Ways Cruciferous Vegetables Prevent Cancer

article-213-cruciferous-vegetablesVegetables are part of a healthy diet; they contain many vitamins and minerals. Many are rich in fiber as well. However, research has given us even more reasons to pile those veggies on our plates. Several studies show that certain types of vegetables, specifically those known as cruciferous vegetables, have certain properties that could make them effective in preventing cancer.

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High Points in Community Healthcare System


With its vast network of outpatient clinics, physician offices, and extensive network of services, Community Healthcare System provides Northwest Indiana with greater access to high quality healthcare.

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Hospitals of Community Healthcare System Offer Training Program for Entry-level Pharmacy Technicians

chs-stock High school students looking to pursue a career in healthcare may want to consider the new Pharmacy Technician program available through the hospitals of Community Healthcare System.

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