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Love Makes the Ride Worthwhile

There are people in this magnificent world who detest love. Maybe they went through a rough breakup. Maybe they lost a loved one. Just know, that behind every broken, bitter heart is just a wounded individual begging for a band-aid.

Loving someone is like offering a healing force to a casualty. If anything, love is all that matters in this world. The phrases, “Love is all you need” and “Love makes the world go around,” fit my lifestyle like a warm pair of gloves on a wintry day. I am the type of person who walks through this world with an open heart, welcoming each new person that enters my life with a gentle smile. My hope for those I encounter is to awaken their senses. I wish for them to take a sneak peek into the world as I see it, complete with a warm embrace. I am the type of person who will stay up later than recommended, heavy eyelids and all, just to hear the ending of a really great story. Conversing with my friends is my favorite part of the day, and late night conversations are worth the foggy mornings.

The traditional definitions of the word "friendship" offer little insight into its true meaning. From my perspective, friendship is more than simple advice or convenience. Friendship is quality time. It is giggling until 2 AM, trying to keep quiet, even though it is nearly impossible. It is wiping the tears away because the thought of life after high school is unimaginable without them by your side. It is smiling at the thought of sharing the college experience together, because life just wouldn't be right if all of the big moments happened separately. It is much, much more.

Friendship is loving them with every string in your beating heart. It is guiding them back on the right path when they insist on taking a curve. It is cultivating happiness in every avenue possible, just to feel the reward of their laughter. It is supporting them when they are on the avenue to success. It is believing that they can change the world, and that they will change the world. It is having open communication with them, allowing them to come to you for anything: for their downfalls, for their high points, for when they need help, for when they just want to chat or for when they need words of encouragement. Friendship is getting all of these things in return, too.

Friendships fill gaps within our lives. Friends are our supporters, our haters, our lovers and our family. They are with us during our peaks and pits, and everywhere in between.

Friends are the melodies in the background of movies that sound of beauty, and only enhance the setting. They are the cars we pass on the highway, making their presence known, even if only for a short time. Friends are the messages on our phones we will never erase, for the conversations are inimitable. They are permanent pieces of our memories that we can never delete; people we can never replace.

There are friends who have walked into my life that may have left, but grains of them are still with me. Whether it is in my pocket, or displayed on the outside of my body for the world to see, the friendships I have created throughout my life are some of the most valuable components of my being. I will treasure them and hold them close to my heart for as long as I live.


So as I go on to college, new friendships will begin to flourish, and time will seem to stop. I will love with my whole heart, and will never, ever let anyone tell me that love does not matter.

Love does matter – more than anything on this planet. It makes the ride worthwhile.

It ends wars, heals hearts, spreads happiness and is something that can be felt universally.

If love is all we have, it is enough.

Friendships start with an open heart and mind. Then, the love will flow like warm cup of tea – smooth, warm and sweet. Let it happen.

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