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Life in the Spotlight

A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: James Gammon

This week’s Valpo life in the spotlight is James Gammon. James has made quite the impact on many families in our area. Gammon is the founder and Director of the 501c3 Family Outreach Ministries. The Family Outreach Ministries which prides themselves on "Strength Through Faith and Unity" provides programs such as the Valparaiso Christian Academy and the Christian Intervention Program for the Chemically Dependent here in Valpo.

Although Gammons career didn’t start out in non for profits, he has always had a heart for serving others. A few years after obtaining his degree in business as well as law enforcement from Minnesota State University James took a position as a State Police Officer for Porter and La Porte County. Gammon said, “I loved it, at that point in time I felt as though I was made for being in law enforcement”.

While there, James honorably and bravely patrolled our highways. During one particularly terrible snow storm where James was helping to direct traffic away from an accident, Gammon miraculously had a moment that saved his life. While he was standing out on the road ensuring the safety of those around him, he had a strong feeling that he needed to get in his car.

As soon as he did, without thinking he immediately put on his seatbelt and within moments a charter bus came crashing into the back of his driving him into the semi in front of him. He credits both of those decisions to him being here today.

Due to injuries he sustained in that accident James was unable to continue his career in law enforcement, but that was only the beginning his journey to serve others in our community.

It was during that period in his life and after attending church with a friend that James said, “I truly found myself and grew as a person”.

In 2001 James began a Faith based substance abuse program called the Christian Intervention Program as well as licensed child care program now known as Valparaiso Christian Academy. Fifteen years later, both are still going strong.

The VCP is open to children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old and being a smaller facility is able to truly focus on each child individually. The Valparaiso Christian Academy is the only 501c3 faith based nonprofit early learning facility of its kind in Valparaiso.

Outside of Gammons incredible work with his ministry, he is also an active member of Faith Church in Valpo and the President of the James A. Gammon Memorial Foundation. When James is not helping others, he enjoys riding his motorcycle and spending time with his four children and two soon to be three grandchildren.

Gammons motto is, “When you’re struggling in life and feel overwhelmed by your own problems, reach outward and help others”. This is something that James does day in and day out in his life and why he is such a wonderful part of our community.

For more information on Valparaiso Christian Academy or the Christian Intervention Program, please go to: www.familyoutreachministries.org  

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