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Active in NWI: Still a Beginner


So I’m a novice runner. I like to do it, and I’m getting better, but I’m still in what I believe to be beginner status.

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Active in NWI: Share the Road

safety-month-laurenWe’re everywhere… We live on your street. We’re in your schools. We serve you lunch. We infiltrate your hospitals and gyms… We’re runners.

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Active in NWI: Yoga Around the Region

warrior-poseI do love a good Vinyasa. Doing yoga is a relaxing and satisfying workout that has multiple benefits. Not only does it increase flexibility, yoga can increase core strength, relieve pain in certain instances, and help to decrease the risk of injuries from other rigorous workouts. It is the underdog, or downward dog if you will, of fitness.

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Active in NWI: Moving Since Birth

Kevin-HigdonKevin Higdon is a life-long La Porte County resident. You may know him as the Chief Financial Officer of IU Health La Porte and Starke Hospitals, or you may also know him by his familiar last name. His father is the famous Hal Higdon, runner and writer.

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Active in NWI: Walk This Way

Stacey-Kellogg 2I wish I could have met Emma “Grandma” Gatewood. “Most people are pantywaist,” she said. “Exercise is good for you.”

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Active in NWI: Sharing the Wealth


Years ago, my friend from college asked me to join him in running the “Pleasant Run” Run. It is a 5 mile race that was taking place in his neighborhood in Indianapolis. Having not run since grade school, the thought of running five miles at one time without stopping seemed so daunting. I still remember how intimidating it was to go to the track and try to run an entire mile all at once without stopping.

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Active in NWI: The Hardest Part

cait-runningThe hardest part of a workout isn’t while you are in the middle of it; it’s before, when your mind is playing tug-of-war with itself trying to get motivated or get out of performing what you logically deem as “good for your body”.

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Active in NWI: It's Time to Do Something

Chris-Sandberg 2Sometimes it's hard to pick up where you left off in a pursuit of a goal. I was really into running for a while; intense running. But life happened and I just lost motivation because I was either too busy or occupied. But life has a way of coming back to remind you of things that you need to do, like take care of yourself. And that's what I'm doing now and what I will continue to do.

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Active in NWI: Groups or Alone, Workouts Gotta Get Done

Judy-Kukelka 1

There's something about working out with a group that makes things so much more fun, and there is something therapeutic about exercising alone. I'm an avid runner, and though it's my go-to form of exercise, changing things up is so important and I try to do it often. Lucky for me, I live in a place that has lots of options.NWI offers some of the best races in the area. One of my favorite is the Turkey Trot in Valpo. There are also so many biking/running paths and of course my favorite is hiking at the Dunes. Being Active in NWI, with or without a group, is really easy!

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How I Stay Active in Northwest Indiana

Active in NWI GraphicRewind 27 years ago when my greatest excuse for not working out after a full day of teaching 25 six-seven-year-olds was because I fell asleep on the couch watching Oprah. Not exactly a model of efficiency, and a behavior I hesitantly share. But, heck, aren't we all different people after a quarter-century passes? I'm proud to say that today I no longer channel selfish sluggishness into my daily routine. That's not to say I no longer nap. Napping can be one of my favorite pastimes; however, it is carefully woven into my schedule and strategically selected as just one of the many ways I stay active in Northwest Indiana (I know napping isn't exactly active, but doesn't that REM count for something?).

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Working Out Isn't Just About Being Fit or Skinny or in Shape.

shannon-rockstadBeing active is something that many people have incorporated in their lives from the very beginning. Shannon Rockstad, a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness of Michigan City, has always been involved with physical fitness. And she uses her love of activity to teach others the same habits that need to be adopted in order to get fit, stay fit, and love it all the while.

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