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Albert's Diamond Jewelers Host Gala to Kick Off the 2017 Holiday Season

Albert’s Annual Kick off the Holiday Season Gala was a festive holiday event that put some beautiful jewelry front and center. Located in Schererville, Indiana, the event started in the early afternoon and lasted into the evening. Loyal customers gathered for this wonderful seasonal event to shop for different kinds of jewelry as they enjoyed wine and dinner items.

The holiday season is all about family and friends, which is why every year, Albert's Diamond Jewelers continue to treat customers like family. The beautiful jewels served as a spectacular centerpiece to the event as many gazed in awe at the large variety of jewelry. The President of Albert’s Diamond Jewelers, Josh Halpern, mentioned many of the unique things available at this event.

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“We brought in 15 of the top world designers from all over the place. People can try on amazing things, from the rarest colored stones like paraiba tourmaline, rubies and sapphires from Burma, to natural fancy colored diamonds” Halpern explained. “We also have some extravagantly beautiful diamond jewelry that has been worn on the red carpet. Those are the kind of things that people can come in to see and try on. Our normal inventory is probably 20 times larger than the next jewelry store. Today we are probably 50 times larger than the average jewelry store.”

The jewelry was not the only thing sparkling that night. The smiles of loyal customers were sparkling with joy as they enjoyed each other’s company. A group of longtime friends gathered for drinks and food as one of the loyal customers, Nina Greene, explained why she loves Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.

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“This event brings friends together and it shows them what jewelry we have here in Northwest Indiana,” Greene said. “I bought a number of items here and they have been very good about fixing things. At Albert’s Diamond Jewelers everyone is very helpful and they have a huge variety of jewelry that you can buy.”

Jewelry is not only valued for its quality, but for the sentiment that it brings out in people. Whether it is for a birthday, engagement, or special gift there is something for everyone. Another loyal customer, Karen Saylor, described her experiences at Albert’s.

“I think at Albert’s everyone is very personable and welcoming. I like their displays and knowledge of everything,” Saylor remarked. “They are family owned too. It is a wonderful place to buy jewelry. If you are looking for engagement rings you have to come out here, it is the place to go to.”

Jewelry was the focal point of an event that brought many people together at Albert's Diamond Jewelers. The valued customers are not just customers, they are like family for the people that work at Albert’s. Those workers are more than happy to help someone find the perfect piece to compliment an important milestone, or choose the perfect gift for a loved one.

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