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Sun Salutations Thursday

As promised, I’ve been driving around Valpo soaking in the local flavors.  Thanks to Valpo Life and its mission to bring positive, feel-good news to the web, I’ve been looking at my community with new found eyes. 

As I run my traps-Mercury Cleaners, Fifth Third Bank, Bella Capelli Salon, Dish Restaurant, and Wiseway grocery—I have not been able to stop the flow of stories that could be told.  I always carry a notebook in my car to keep good ideas from floating out the window,  and lately I’ve stopped in a parking lot more than once to take the time to jot down a thought I want to pass on to everyone. 

Even armed with a notebook full of ideas and a list of great things to share, last week I hit a wall that we, in the...

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When in Rome…

When planning a trip to the Bahamas years ago, my travel agent leaned over her desk and whispered, “Can I tell you a secret about the Bahamas?” 

I was a young girl, just over twenty-one years old and planning my first trip out of the United States. Eager for adventure, I nodded and scooted closer. 

She said, “Ever heard the expression, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do?’ It’s a trick to traveling. Wherever you go, you ask the locals where they eat, where they shop, and what beaches they like best. That’s when you see the true essence of your destination.”

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Parks and Recreation

Coming in April to NBC: Amy Poehler’s new sitcom entitled  “Parks and Recreation".  Call me behind the times, but I just saw a commercial for the show this weekend!  I guess a promo for the sitcom was shown during NBC’s coverage of the Super Bowl, but I don't know where I was during that commercial break! It will star Ms. Poehler as a do-gooder of local government, and will be produced in the same style as “The Office.”

The title of the sitcom has been uncertain for many months. The name “Public Service” was considered, but was dropped in favor of “Parks and...

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Is There Strategy Behind Playing the Lottery?

Recently while driving with my great uncle (who is from Illinois), we began discussing the Indiana Hoosier Lottery.  Apparently, sometimes it is so good that my nearly 90 year old uncle will drive across the IL/IN boarder just to buy into the game!  With his persuasion, I purchased my first Indiana Power-ball ticket.

To my surprise, I learned that you can not buy a lottery ticket with a credit card!  It is a cash-only transaction.  News to me!  So after running back to the car to scrape up change from my toll money, I had my prized ticket.  Only, it wasn't really prized.


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Valpo Sled Club

Some friends of mine and I once decided to start a sled club based out of Valparaiso.  Our club tackled the baddest hills and made the meanest ramps throughout the city.  A few minor injuries sure, but the memories well out weigh any scars.

Sadly though as we grew older and moved on to lives full of university courses and full time jobs, we stopped holding those SledClub meetings (although we still meet up for the warm drinks that always followed).  Along with the memories though, the idea of a neighborhood sled club will stay in my mind.

I encourage everyone interested to begin forming their own sled clubs.  I hope you all have better luck and keeping your sled club alive! Here are some guidelines and tips I found on Read more

Lake Effect...What?

It was during the wee hours on November 18th when Valpo got the first snow of the season.  Of course, it was unexpected. Of course, it dumped on us way more than anyone was prepared for (6-8 inches more), and of course, it was the direct result of those two dreaded words "LAKE EFFECT". 

But why do those words have to be feared and hated so?  Can lake effect ever be used in a positive context, (not by children who long for weather which enables them to build the worlds largest snowman or get an unexpected school-free day) but by the adults who charish and value this amazing resource which plays a hugely hidden role in making our neighborhood what it is today (not to mention what it has been).  It is in the spririt of Lake Effect positivity that I have come up with the following terms.

(A given, not created by yours truly:) Lake Effect Snow:  Snow that covers the region as a result of...

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Reflections of a Valpo Pooch, Pt. 1

After spending the majority of my weekend in Valparaiso with my weimaraner, Hayzel, I've noticed that many individuals around town are dog lovers. But what is there to do in Valpo with your pooch? Let's ask Hayes.

You may be wondering, what are Hayzel's two favorite places in Valparaiso to visit and why?

1) Canine Country Club

Because we love to socialize with other dogs and dog loving people in a safe, encouraging and entertaining...

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