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Valpo Velvet and ValpoLife Celebrate Another Sweet End to the Year

Everyone’s got a special New Year's tradition - whether it be going to a friends house to celebrate the end of the year, or enjoying a day with relatives, but for the people of Valpo Velvet it’s having a party with their friends to wind down another successful 2015. For the past five years the Browns of Valpo Velvet, and ValpoLife have been celebrating together with a delicious lunch at the end of each year to look back on a great year behind them, and prepare for the new year just ahead.

“This is our fifth year hosting a celebration between ValpoLife and Valpo Velvet, and it’s just a good way to say thank you to our customers and friends for coming throughout the year.” Valpo Velvet Co-Owner Cathy Brown stated. “We’re slowly winding down our season here. It’s a good day to make a bunch of sandwiches, and catch up with some friends before we part ways for this year. I like to think of it as a “thank you” to the people who have been coming [to Valpo Velvet] for the past nine months.”

Check out all the photos from the Valpo Velvet/ValpoLife Year End Party!

The idea of an end-of-the-year party came up five years ago when owners Cathy and Mike Brown talked with Ideas in Motion Media CEO Chris Mahlmann about throwing a party together, and when the topic came up of Valpo Velvet’s last winter days it seemed like the perfect time to host a get together. With Valpo Velvet closed from January to April each year, the final days of December would be the last time the people of Valpo Velvet would be able to serve their customers until they once again opened up shop - and once last hurrah seemed to work perfectly. Since then the party has become a staple in both companies year, with everyone agreeing that the party is a great way to wrap up another busy season.

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“I think there’s so much that Valpo Velvet offers - it’s not a just a place to eat, it’s not just an ice cream shop either - it brings together so many good things to create a place that so welcoming and unique. We’ve been so happy to throw a party with them for so many years, and it’s a day that not only us but others look forward to.” Jenny Craig-Brown, Executive Team Leader at ValpoLife explained. “At the end of the year everyone’s so crazed with the holidays, and the shopping, and the parties that it seems like there’s so little time to relax and take some time to enjoy the moment, and this event really allows us to take a breather. It’s a great happy medium of the excitement of seeing friends and family, but it’s also chill in a way that we’re there to eat lunch, have ice cream, and relax.”

Not only did friends and family come to eat and mingle, but there was also the option to go on a tour where Valpo Velvet makes their famous ice cream. Lorrie Mitchell, who has been on the tour three times, brought over 10 of her family members friends members to take a behind the scenes look at how the company makes their product each and every day.

“I love that Valpo Velvet keeps everything that they do here locally. It’s also neat to see that they do everything by hand because there’s not a lot of places like that anymore.” Mitchell stated. “It’s good to show the kids how things are made, and how the things they like take hard work. The tour is something everyone has to at least do once, it’s always a good time coming back.”

In the end, even though it wasn’t the best weather for ice cream it was the best time to be together with the people of Valpo Velvet. Next year the ‘End of the Year Celebration’ will help commend a year well done, but until then it will be hard to forget the fun had closing out 2015.

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