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Calvary Link: Advent

Calvary-FollowThis Sunday begins the season of Advent, a special time in the church calendar. Advent means “to come to” in Latin, and it’s an apt name for the season that both celebrates every good thing Jesus has already done and anticipates the good things yet to come. It’s sometimes described as a season of waiting, waiting for Jesus to show up, to make himself known in our lives; but I think Advent is better described as a season of “looking for.” We’re looking for Jesus to bring us what we long for because we know he’s going to. He always does. That’s why we celebrate.

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What House of Worship do Valpo Residents Call Home?


Now and again, we post something to our Facebook page and it gains traction. With likes, comments, and shares pouring in, it’s nice to highlight these positive, community based interactions.

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Calvary Church Breaks Ground on "Even More" Project's Main Campus


On a beautiful morning, Calvary Church in Valparaiso broke ground on construction to their main campus. This is part of their expansion plans dubbed the “Even More Project.” With the growth of a church comes an increased need for gathering spaces, offices, and even increasing the size of the worship center.

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Calvary Link: One Chruch

Calvary-CredoWhat a joy to be the leader of such an amazing team. I know you have been blessed by two of our talented teaching pastors, Pastor Josh Reasoner and Pastor Jon Nitta! We are one team (1 Corinthians 3) serving one Lord and one church (Ephesians 4) with one mission. Together we are changing lives forever with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Calvary Church: God's Love

calvary-church-credoGod so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son. I know the words well, but I need to hear them often. Sometimes this is all we have to hold on to in difficult times.

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Franciscan Health Dyer: Hundreds of Area Students Attend Respect Life Program

Franciscan-Health-Dyer-Hundreds-of-Area-Students-Attend-Respect-Life-Program-2017Most Rev. Donald Hying, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Gary, delivers a message of life, hope, acceptance and love to a crowd of about 1,200 area school students and faculty during a 31st annual Prayer Service in Celebration of Life at Franciscan Health Dyer Oct. 4, conducted during national Respect Life Month. The theme of this year’s event, Be Not Afraid, was accentuated by remarks made by guest speaker Matt Schwartz, theological consultant for the Parish Success Group, a national Catholic ministry training and coaching agency, who stressed the good in each individual and the need to elevate the spirit and worth of others.

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Calvary Link: Great Things

Calvary-CredoThank you for honoring my wife and me this past Sunday for our 20th anniversary with Calvary. God has used our church to do great things in Valparaiso, the region, and the world. And I believe God has even more great things for us! Right now our elders are spending a lot of time praying about our future. Our greatest challenge by far is how to keep up with the pace of growth we are experiencing as a church and ensure we can continue to grow.

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Calvary Link: Twenty Years

Calvary-CredoI'm celebrating twenty years as your pastor this week. Of my twenty-nine years in ministry, I have spent twenty of them with you! What I really want to say is "Thank You!" Thank you to those who have prayed for me, my wife, and our three boys. Thank you to every person who has encouraged us in big and small ways. Thank you to those of you who were here twenty years ago and have stayed the course through "many dangers, toils, and snares," to borrow from the lines of the ancient hymn we all love.

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Calvary Link: Doxology

Calvary-CredoI had a great time away with the teaching pastors and worship leaders on Monday and Tuesday. We prayed, we planned, we dreamed.

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Calvary Link: 1947

Calvary-God-SongsCalvary Church began its first worship services in August 1947 at Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso. A lot has changed since 1947 in our church, in Valparaiso, and in the world. And yet, all the important things have remained the same at Calvary Church. We preach from the same book, we proclaim the same gospel, and we praise the same God.

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Calvary Church 'Mothers of Preschoolers' (MOPS) Take a Day to Play at ‘Meet and Greet’ at Will Park in Valparaiso


Will Park in Valparaiso was filled with pint-sized people Friday morning, zipping down slides and racing across woodchips. While the sunny day was theirs to enjoy, the day really belonged to the women who held their hands and pushed them on the swings: Moms.

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