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Journey Senior Living of Valparaiso celebrate their one-year anniversary Irish-style

Residents, staff members, and loved ones of Journey Senior Living of Valparaiso came decked out in green to celebrate the one year anniversary of when the senior care center officially opened their doors to the public. The St. Patrick’s Day theme offered guests green beer, green punch, Lucky Charm’s popcorn, and more. In addition, attendees enjoyed two live musical performances and a live clogging performance by “The Good Time Cloggers.”

“We wanted to celebrate this day with the community, our residents, and their families. As a staff, we feel very excited about our success and for what’s to come in the future. These residents and their families have become our families, so celebrating with them is important to us,” said Melissa Green, Executive Director at Journey Senior Living of Valparaiso.

Six residents have been here since that very first day, including Dolores ‘Dee’ Brown who sat with a smile on her face and sang along with the live music surrounded by friends and family.

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“This place is home. Everyone is willing to take care of you at every beckoning call,” said Browne. “What’s not to like about this place?”

Browne has helped two of her friends find a home at Journey Senior Living of Valparaiso.

“The staff respects your wishes and always does anything they can in order to help you. This place can become your new home very quickly,” Browne said.

Since opening, Journey Senior Living of Valparaiso has become home to 28 residents. With exceptional care from a dedicated staff and fun events like St. Patrick’s Day themed anniversary party and the upcoming Tuesday Bingo, the residents are privy to a well-rounded community.

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“Our main goal is always to provide peace of mind for our residents’ family members,” said Tiffany Anderson, Marketing Director at Journey Senior Living of Valparaiso. “We’ve made strides in changing the way most people see assisted living. We focus on providing our residents with a certain amount of independence during their time with us. We can be as hands-on or hands-off as we need to be based upon our residents' needs and comfort level.”

Sandy Kelley, daughter of a Journey Senior Living resident, has had a peace of mind since her mother began to live at Journey Senior Living.

“If she were somewhere else, I don’t know I would feel as comfortable with my mom being in a home. It was hard taking her here in the beginning because I was so used to being the one to take care of her, but it became immediately apparent that they were going to take great care of her here,” Kelley said.

A sense of freedom, a generous staff, and an array of activities to engage in are all things that are greatly valued by the residents of Journey Senior Living of Valparaiso.

“Sometimes if I feel like exercising, I’ll just walk up and down the hallways because this place is just so gosh darn enormous,” joked Vern Schrader, a Journey Senior Living resident.

Vern also enjoys watching movies in the home’s theater, browsing on the computers, and taking trips to church on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. He stressed that his most favorite thing about living at Journey Senior Living of Valparaiso, though, is never losing sight of his independence.

Although the home is still considered to be fairly new to the area, staff members have big hopes for years to come.

“I think we set ourselves apart because of the type of events we host. They are always fun and lively. Every month our residents look forward to and get excited about what is coming next,” Anderson said.

Looking forward, Journey Senior Living of Valparaiso hopes to become a staple in the community and to gain the trust and interest of community members because of their dedication to each resident and their loved ones. For more information, please visit www.journeyseniorliving.com.


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