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Albert's Celebrates 20 Years of "I Do's" on Valentine's Day

Emotions are the core of the human experience. Emotions color our world. They take what would be grey, black or white, and add color, variety and spice to our existence. And nothing is more emotional than getting married.

Today, as they have for the last 20 years, Albert’s Jewelers in Schererville held their “I Do” Valentine’s Day event. Today, on Valentine’s Day, Albert’s allowed anyone to come and get married in their store.

“This is the 20th year that we’ve hosted weddings on Valentine’s Day,” stated Christine Martinez, Marketing Coordinator for Albert’s. “It all started when Fred and Donna renewed their wedding vows on their 30th wedding anniversary. It’s something we do every year. We do marriages and renewals. For those that want to spend that special moment with us, it means a lot to us.”

Many in the community share that feeling. Averaging 20-30 couples per year for the last 20 years clearly indicates that Fred and Donna have set an example that many are happy to follow.

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“He tells me every day I’m the best,” beamed Donna Halpern, looking up at her husband Fred, owner of Albert's, of 50 years.

“We were very lucky,” said Fred. “On my 30th anniversary, a customer and friend, Judge Snyder, said ‘Fred, why don’t you renew your vows on your 30th and I’ll marry anyone else for free.’ So we’ve kept it up ever since. No one has to buy anything from me.”

It’s an incredible story, and one that is not only a tradition in Schererville, but also one that continues to grow, like all good romance stories.

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Putting together this event was a large undertaking and was helmed by Natalie Mora who is part of the Marketing Department at Albert’s.

“It’s a great event that the owners love to do to give back to the community,” said Mora. “For the couples that get married here today, they’ll get a rose, a boutonniere for the man, cake, champagne and possibly a honeymoon. Some couples have provided a love story, and one of those that we pick gets the honey moon trip to Napa Valley, 3 days, 2 nights.”

Today there were over a dozen couples that came to Albert’s to get married. Each had their own unique story of how they met. Each had a smile on their face, and many had tears in their eyes as they exchanged vows.

“We’ve been together 10 years and we were here getting our rings again after she lost her rings. While we were here, they mentioned the ceremonies here, and we decided to do it,” Ken Burcaw, who was marrying Karrie Robinson today. “We met, believe it or not, at a library, using computers to get in touch with friends. We went out for coffee, and then went out on another date, then another date and here we are.”

Keith Collins and Linda Allen, who’ve been together for 10 years, came today because Keith has been coming to Albert’s for years. When he got an email from Albert’s about the event, he sent it to her and they said, "Why not?"

With so many stories riddled throughout the day, it’s no wonder that Albert’s continues to give back to the community year after year, in such a romantic and unique way.

To find out more about Albert’s and next year’s Valentine’s Day event, go to http://www.albertsjewelers.com/

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