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Lakeshore PAWS Reunites Dog and Owner

While most people stop by Lakeshore PAWS to bring a new pup into their lives, dog-lover Ed Donaldson’s visit reacquainted him with his maltese and best friend of thirteen years, Toby. Without the tireless efforts of Lakeshore PAWS, the two may have never crossed paths again.

In February of 2017, Donaldson had to go to the hospital and could no longer take care of Toby, who had been living with him since he was a puppy. There were doubts as to whether or not Donaldson would ever be able to leave the hospital, so he gave Toby to a family from his church. After making a miraculous recovery, Donaldson was released from the hospital and on the hunt for a new dog.

Lakeshore PAWS Employee Julie Carlen encouraged Donaldson to meet some of their dogs, so Donaldson did so and fell in love with a boxer named Carmel. Unfortunately, Carmel was “just too much dog for [Donaldson] to handle.”

Knowing that the staff at Lakeshore PAWS is incredibly dedicated to matching owners with the right dog for them, Donaldson returned and met Eddie, a two-year-old wirehaired terrier-corgi mix. Eddie, who had only been at Lakeshore PAWS for a few hours, clicked with Donaldson almost immediately.


“When I went in to look at the dogs, they brought them in one at a time in their own room. They didn’t show Eddie with other dogs, so you could really see what he was like. It really made a difference to me,” Donaldson said.

All the while, Toby was lost in The Region. Thankfully, Lakeshore PAWS rescued him, shaved his matted hair, and discovered the chip between his shoulderblades.

Donaldson, who was getting ready to leave for a camping trip with Eddie, received a call from his veterinarian, Four Seasons Animal Hospital, who said that Lakeshore PAWS may have found Toby.

“They asked me what information I was willing to give, and I said give Lakeshore PAWS anything you have. I just wanted to have Toby back,” Donaldson said.


Within a half hour, Donaldson received a call from Lakeshore PAWS inviting him to see if they truly had Toby, and he wasted no time getting there. On the phone, though, the employee said that Toby was having a hard time getting along with other dogs. This had never been a problem for Donaldson, so he brought Eddie along as well.

“When I first walked through the door, I could hear Toby barking in the background. He was raising caine, which he does quite a bit. I sat down, they brought him in, and he took one look at me and jumped on my lap. That was the last bark from him the entire time I was there. When I got reacquainted with him, he was just fine with all of the other dogs,” Donaldson said.

If Lakeshore PAWS had not taken extensive efforts to find Donaldson, Eddie would have never met his new friend Toby, and Donaldson would have never seen his old pal again. Today, Donaldson is very thankful for all of the passion that Lakeshore PAWS employees have for their work.

“I love dogs. If I could, I would have 10 or 12 of them. I hate to see a dog running loose or neglected, and I just think there should be a place to take care of them like Lakeshore PAWS everywhere. They’re fantastic about taking care of the dogs they have. Toby is a great example. They got him and cleaned him up right away. They had only had him a few hours when they called me, so that shows how dedicated they are,” Donaldson said.

Donaldson is not an outlier in his satisfaction with Lakeshore PAWS’ service. Every day, the shelter cares for dozens of dogs and matches them with homes throughout The Region. Through their exceptional animal care and passion for making a difference, Lakeshore PAWS’ presence in the community is priceless.

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