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Philanthropy Lesson for Hayes Leonard First Grade

Valparaiso High School students and the Reilly C. Bush are teaming up together to teach the first grade students at Hayes Leonard elementary a lesson on philanthropy. This Thursday, February 18, the high school students will educate the first graders on what philanthropy means.

The program will be held after school hours. The first graders will be taught how to identify different ways they can donate their three T’s: time, talent, and treasure. They will be broken up into small groups and will work together to make a plan on how they can become a philanthropist. They will also discuss ways they can work together to benefit the community.

The students will also be decorating paper bags. These bags will be used to teach them about distributing their money. Whenever they receive money, from allowance, as a gift, this bag will serve as a reminder to consider three options: save, spend, or donate the money.

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