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Director of Elementary Education Stacey Schmidt - What I Love About Valpo

I love all the great things happening in the Valparaiso Community Schools.

Here's a letter I received today after the student council at Parkview Elementary School had a food drive and donated the collected goods to Banta Feeds

The letter is as follows:

Dear Ms. Schmidt:

Hello, my name is Christine Hisick, and I want to send a humongous thank you to the student council at your elementary school. Today, Banta Feeds received 23 boxes filled with donations from your student council, and I have to be honest---I am speechless.

This doesn't happen often.

I was amazed, stunned, and in awe when I came upon all of these donations. These children worked hard to collect all of these, and gratitude comes from deep inside my heart. But even moreso, the greatest gratitude is going to come from those Valparaisans who have lost their jobs and are struggling to feed their families.

Ms. Schmidt, I will be sending a more official and heartfelt thank you letter to your student council very soon, but for now I wanted your children to know that I am so grateful.

Please visit the Banta Feeds website where I posted notations and a picture about your council's donations in various spots. I will need some days to get a complete inventory done on your donations, but I will get there. You can also email me with any questions.

May the God above bless you and the children at your school, as they have helped to bring hope into the eyes of other children whose parents have lost their jobs.


Ms. Christine Hisick, Organizer

Banta Feeds


PS:  You can also read about it at Banta Feeds or the Parkview Elementary School Blog

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