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AMA Design & Print Offers Hints on Choosing a Font Design for Your Brand


When designing a new logo, graphics for advertising, or rebranding for your company, one of the most important things to remember is that your design will leave an impression on your customers. The colors, images, style, and font all work together to create a cohesive design that illustrates what the company is, an illustration that will influence how customers perceive it. While these are all important elements of designing and rebranding, font and different styles do the most work in grabbing someone’s attention and not letting go.

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Visualize Your Home’s New Flooring with Tudor Carpet One Floor & Home


When it comes to your greatest investment, experience matters. Inviting just anyone in to your home to install your new floor won’t cut it; you need a team of highly skilled professionals who have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for the flooring industry to tackle that task. Tudor Carpet One Floor & Home offers just such a team with the reputation to back them up.

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Keep Peace of Mind with Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana’s OHD Anywhere App


Few things can bring a bigger sense of security than knowing that all the doors are closed, locked, and secure. Your garage is no exception, and that’s why Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana offers the OHD Anywhere app.

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Easy Access with Johnny On The Spot Potty Trailers


Can you imagine a world where portable potties did not exist? Neither can we.

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McShane's Business Products & Solutions: Don't Panic, Here's Your GDPR Guide

McShanes-Dont-panic-heres-your-GDPR-guide_01 Ready to hit the GDPR panic button?
Have you taken time to consider how the GDPR may impact your business? Do you know what, if anything, you need to do? If you answered 'no', you're not alone. Here’s our quick guide to get you started.

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5-Star Reviews for CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana

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CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana provides the best service when it comes to painting your house. Both their website and Facebook page showcase many customers that highly recommend their services.

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An Inside Look Behind Steindler Signs and their Many Services


A sign has the ability to tell a story, a brand, and a mission in the matter of a second. Steindler Signs and Graphix gives every customer that opportunity to have in their community, as they understand that the end product consists of a multitude of detailed steps.

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CompressAir and the Benefit of Compressed Air System Audits


When is the last time you had your compressed air system looked at? Sounds like a loaded question, but an audit of your compressed air system can highlight the true costs of that system and identify chances to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Plus, the U.S. Department of Energy determined that, on average, of the $40,000 in energy a year it takes to run one 100 hp air compressor, up to 50% or more is wasted! In other words, proper checkups of your compressed air system, like any other piece of machinery, leads to a win-win. Here’s a breakdown of all the benefits of a compressed air system audit, courtesy of CompressAir.

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Spot the Differences: Terry's Discount Windows & More, LLC Shows Off “Before” and “After” Photos


Everyone loves a good “Before” and “After” demonstration. Home makeovers make for especially satisfying “Before” and “After” material. Why else do people become so addicted to all those television shows? Sometimes, it’s simple and subtle changes that really make the grade; other times, the total transformation is a must. Terry’s Discount Windows & More, LLC has some HGTV-ready home makeover photos to show off—and we’ve got the “Before” and the “After” shots!

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Brilliant Results: Benefits to a Clean Home


Whether you’re a neat freak or would be okay never cleaning a thing again, the truth is that cleaning is good for you in more ways than one. More than the joys and freedom of a cleaner home and more than the benefit of spacious room. So, if you need motivation to clean your home or hire someone to clean your home here are some additional reasons to do so.

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Buchertech Intern Highlight: Bill Morgan


In today’s job market, an internship or two is an essential step to finding quality employment after college. Buchertech, Valparaiso’s own IT solutions company, is always investing in young talent. The business did not need to look far to find Region resident Bill Morgan, a Wheeler graduate and senior at Purdue University Northwest.

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