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Regional Heating Plumbing, Heating and Air: Tip & Tricks to Staying Warm this Season


Home repairs can be just as unpredictable as the weather in Northwest Indiana. One day it’s 50 degrees outside, the next is colder than Antarctica, and your furnace goes out or a water pipe bursts. It’s easy to forget about your plumbing and heating systems until they don’t work. Whatever the problem may be, Regional Plumbing, Heating and Air’s team of service technicians is ready to help – with proactive advice and repairs when things break.

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Pulse Technology Newsletter, January 2019

Launch-PulseOur 2018-2019 Re-brand
BIG NEWS! 2019 has come and we have officially re-branded! The 3 businesses you know and love will now operate under the name Pulse Technology. With our combined expertise and nearly 200 years of experience in the industry, Des Plaines Office Equipment Company, McShane’s and Kramer & Leonard will officially be combining into one.

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NITCO connects the city of East Chicago to a technological future


The internet has become a necessity in our everyday lives, from helping individuals to supporting the fastest growing businesses. Fiber optic has been named the electricity of the 21st century and this fundamental component has just hit The City of East Chicago. City officials announced their partnership with Nitco Thursday afternoon with an official ribbon cutting to represent the startup.

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American Laundromat offers clean environment, positive experiences


If you’ve ever watched the show “Friends,” you’ll immediately recognize the iconic laundromat episode. You know, the one where Ross is teaching Rachel to hold her own against laundromat bullies who jump on her spin times and get a little mouthy in the process. Most of us have had our fair share of laundromat nightmares, and we avoid going to them to prevent such Rachel-like scenarios. Unless, of course, you visit American Laundromat.

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AMA Design & Print Breaks Down How Colors Make an Impression for Your Brand

2019AMAHURL (1)

The perfect logo captures your brand’s identity, unveiling to consumers the fundamentals of what your organization represents. Most logos have a few key components, but the most ubiquitous is color. It is simply not possible to design a logo without taking color into account. Colors are the foundation of branding, and choosing right-or wrong-color shapes consumers first impressions of your organization.

The idea behind this is called color theory, where colors are broken down into primary, secondary, and tertiary sections. It also argues that different colors evoke different mental and emotional responses when viewed. Other aspects of design, such as shapes, symbols, and fonts evoke similar responses but fall behind color in the brain’s natural order. This is why color is so essential to design and is why experts at AMA Design have built...

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Kankakee Valley R.E.M.C.: A Touchstone Energy Cooperative that Goes the Extra Mile


Some businesses do it all, and each day, Kankakee Valley R.E.M.C. caters to its thousands of member-consumers through their specialized services. As a non-profit membership cooperative that delivers power to more than 18,000 residential and commercial member-consumers, KV R.E.M.C. places its member-consumers first, providing a plethora of helpful resources and community centric outlets in addition to power.

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Networking in a New Age: Rittenhouse Village at Valparaiso Connects with Community at Seniorplicity Presentation


When it comes to taking care of our elders, the highest quality of care is of the utmost importance. This means putting an emphasis on surface level physical needs, as well as on all aspects of living a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. Rittenhouse Village at Valparaiso takes that to heart and makes it a point to make personal connections with clients through their dedicated employees who share the same vision.

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CompressAir: New Green & Oil-Free Machines

compressair (1)

Since 1987, CompressAir has been the region’s leading provider in compressed air systems. With servicing as the most efficient and reliable, CompressAir offers state-of-the-art equipment with Sullair’s new oil-free series.

 Oil free air becomes an essential when air purity is critical. For businesses such as hospitals, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing companies, oil-free air compressors have become a must. This is due to its ability to dramatically reduce one’s carbon footprint and harmful emissions.

Along with positive environmental advantages, switching to an oil-free air compressor can significantly impact the cost of upkeep. Below are some of the latest and greatest oil-free air compressors.

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Pulse Technology is Bringing Tech to the Forefront in NWI


As Northwest Indiana’s business community continues to grow and flourish, so too does the need for excellent, knowledgeable tech companies that can help those companies thrive. Today’s digital world requires capable guidance, as potential issues and threats from hackers and viruses are always around the corner. Pulse Technology—the combined forces of Des Plaines Office Equipment, McShane’s Business Solutions, and Kramer & Leonard—is here to lead the charge.

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Pulse Technology December Tech Update: 6 Tech Tips for More Productivity

Pulse-Technology-December-2018-Tech-Update-6-Tech-Tips-for-More-Productivity_01 6 ways to boost employee productivity
What could you do with an extra hour each day? The latest technology can make dozens of business tasks easier and faster. Our infographic offers the top productivity tips and hacks of 2018.

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Steindler Signs: Everything You Need To Know


STOP! In the Name of Steindler

Many correlate signage to simplicity, such as the instantly recognizable stop sign, or a billboard advertisement. But Steindler Signs wants you to STOP and think about what a sign could have the potential to be.

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