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Pulse Technology Newsletter, February 2019


Recap Network Services Lunch N' Learn
On February 20th, Pulse Technology hosted our Network Services Lunch & Learn! We talked to our attendee's about what we offer, how we can help their company and why we are the best in the biz. Stay up to date with Pulse and see when our next events will be hosted! Details to come.

Upcoming Events

  • March 21st – March Madness Open House (Chicago, see below)
  • May 16th – Technology Expo (Indiana)
  • June 20th – Baseball Vendor Expo (Carol Stream)
  • July 25th – Lunch N’ Learn, Printers/Copiers (Indiana)
  • November 7th – Furniture and Supply Expo (Indiana)

Join us on March 21st at our Chicago office at our March Madness Open House! Come out and enjoy the games, stadium food and see the latest in business technology!

Sign up at HERE and save your spot #PoweredByPulse

Daily Herald Feature
"Chip Miceli gets a gleam in his eye when he discusses "the office of the future."

"When you walk into an office, it's going to be used by five other people other than yourself," he said. "You sit down at your computer and it knows who you are, your password is already there and you just take off and start doing your job. It says, 'Hello, Rich, your computer's ready to go."

Read the rest here!

VCIO: What Are You?
"Have you ever been so frustrated with technology that you want to break it? Throw your computer across the room? Break the video display screen? If you think that it’s just me, you’re lying to yourself! Technology can be a frustrating thing for people who are not as educated with the tech trends. Not everyone can be extremely efficient with high tech stuff and know how to fix a problem right as it happens. However, there is no need to worry, because this is where Pulse Technology comes in.

Our company offers a little thing called VCIO. Heavy sarcasm on “little.” Virtual Chief Information Officers, or “VCIOs” are available to act as the executive level technology consultants for your business, without incurring the expense of hiring a full time IT staff. Form basic support to major consultations, your VCIO becomes a key member of your businesses team. How cool is that, right?" - Jenna Kadziulis: Marketing Specialist

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