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Muller Acura Merrillville Employee Spotlight: Neeley Stephan

Business Manager of Muller Acura of Merrillville, Neeley Stephan, has been a part of the Acura family for about three months now. Even in that short time frame, Stephan has still found a way to leave a substantial mark on the growth of their company.

As business manager, her main duties are handling paperwork before and after a sale, meeting and greeting customers, and being heavily involved within the sale process.

“If you are buying a vehicle, I will definitely see you. We will go over all the paperwork, and then you leave with your car,” Stephan said.

Stephan quickly found a home at Muller Acura. With sixteen years of car dealership experience, she believes that Acura’s family values between employees and commitment to their trustworthy mission statement make them stand out among the rest.

“I love this place, working with Glenn, and dealing directly with the owner. It’s not like other dealerships where someone is standing over you. He gives you free reign and knows you know what to do. He trusts you,” Stephan said.

It’s safe to say that Stephan knows her stuff about the car dealership business. She started her experience in the phone room, making calls to potential customers, and soon worked her way up to Business Manager.

“We have a ton of new and used cars for everyone, and financing for everyone with any type of credit, open to all credit types. We have all makes and models, and carry a little bit of everything with selections on various cars for $15,000 and under,” Stephan said. “Don’t feel intimidated because we are an Acura dealership! We have many cars 15,000 and under.”

Muller Acura has partnered with finance companies that specialize with credit and credit challenge to broaden their horizons in order to help more people.

Stephan spoke about Glen Muller, Dealer Principal at Acura, who does many things within the community to increase customer retention and grow the Acura family.

“We aren’t the type of dealership that doesn't want to see you again. Come stop in and say hi, or get an oil change!” Stephan exclaimed.

Through her experience, Stephan has found herself in the presence of many types of top of the line cars, so she doesn’t typically get phased by a new whip. However, when she saw the demonstration of the new 2019 RDX, she couldn’t keep the excitement to herself.

“During the demo, we saw all the new bells and whistles. I didn't even know vehicles had these options in them. I never knew there was a thing such as 3D Radio! Everything is touch screen, so you just talk to it and it does everything,” Stephan explained.

Stephan described her position as being more of a lifestyle, as her hours stretch outside of the working week.

“You have to go above and beyond in this business, and when you do the hours for so long, its nothing,” Stephan said. “It’s the willingness to get the job done. It’s about bringing more customers in, customer service, and especially customer retention.:

Muller Acura bring service to people from all different states, like California, Texas, Missouri, and many more.

“We just had someone fly in from Tennessee yesterday to purchase a vehicle because we were the only dealership that had exactly what he wanted,” Stephan said.

The type of customer commitment has spread the reputation of Muller Acura throughout many states in the US and speaks true to the trusted Acura dealership itself. People travel to Muller Acura because they provide specific detail and customization on their lot.

Muller Acura believes that the relationship between them and their customers is the most important.

“When you don’t keep up with your customers, and it becomes time for them to get another car, you’re going to be the last on their list they think about,” Stephan said. Customers are always surprised when she remembers who they are, and she feels success when they feel that sense of care.

“We always want our customers to come back. We even send out birthday and Christmas cards,” Stephan said.

Stephan is a prime example of an employee that follows her word, by continually going above and beyond. In her free time, she spends time with her family, noting that they travel as much as they possibly can. If you are interested in the trustworthy Muller Acura in Merrillville Dealership, visit https://www.mulleracuraofmerrillville.com/.  

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