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A Boulder Bay Realty Group Employee Spotlight: Melissa Svihlik


Melissa Svihlik, Real Estate Agent for Boulder Bay Realty Group, has worked in the customer service for her entire life. Her dedication and love for working with people and providing them with the best service possible makes her a great new addition to the Boulder Bay family.

Svihlik was born and raised in Northwest Indiana. For most of her adult life, she has worked in the customer service industry, a field that has allowed her to work with people.

“I’ve always worked in the food and beverage industry,” Svihlik said. “I was a bartender for years and have always worked in positions that allowed me to work with people. That’s my favorite part of this industry and others like: working with others and making people happy.”

But just a few months ago, Svihlik realized it was time for a change. After a back injury sidelined her, she decided to take a step back from work that required her to always be on the move and found a job that incorporated her love of working with others and an unexpected passion in real estate.

“My husband and I recently flipped a house in Mexico,” she explained. “We did everything for this house: new windows, flooring, roof, and more. And during this whole process, I learned a lot about real estate and what goes into it, so it was a really great learning opportunity.”

“And it was also a rewarding experience,” Svihlik said. “We put all of this work into it and we had a great outcome. Plus, once we were done, a young girl moved into the house and made it her home, so it was really rewarding.”

Once this process was completed, Svihlik knew what she needed to be doing for her career. So she enrolled in the courses every real estate agent takes to get their license and is currently going through the necessary training to begin her career with Boulder Bay. While this career change requires extensive training and a lot of work has to be put in, she has a great network of support at Boulder Bay.

“The people I work with are absolutely incredible and supportive,” she said. “Everyone has been outgoing, kind, welcoming, helpful, and has made my experience with Boulder Bay these past few months great.”

In her spare time, Svihlik continues to enjoy flipping houses, spending time with her family and her four grandkids, and getting outside whenever she can.

“I love to do anything that just gets me outside,” she said. “Hanging out, walking, whatever gets me outdoors.”

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