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Marc Ruiz of Oak Partners, Mind on Money: How to Appeal Your Property Taxes

Marc-Ruiz Between 30 percent and 60 percent of taxable property has an inflated assessment, which may lead to higher property tax bills. Moreover, typically fewer than 5 percent of taxpayers dispute their assessment.¹

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Marc Ruiz of Oak Partners, Mind on Money: Life and Death of a Twenty Dollar Bill

Marc-RuizDaily Production
In 2017, the government will print roughly 19 million notes a day, totaling about $209 billion in value for the year. More than 90% of the newly minted notes will replace notes already in our circulation.

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Black Friday Auto Loan Special through Nov. 27th at REGIONAL Federal Credit Union

REGIONAL-FCU-Black-Friday-Auto-Loan-Special-2018This year, give yourself the gift of a great Auto Loan rate - as low as 2.74% APR* for any term up to 72 months, new, used or refinance.

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Horizon Banks Healthcare Savings Accounts FAQs

Horizon-Banks-Healthcare-Savings-Accounts-FAQs-2018If you have a health insurance plan with a high deductible, you may want to set up a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) to complement it. Not sure if it’s a fit for you? Here’s an overview to help you decide.

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Marc Ruiz of Oak Partners, Mind on Money: Finding Hope Post-Election

Marc-Ruiz What if last Tuesday was just what the doctor ordered for investors and our nation? For the most part, there were no logical surprises in the mid-term elections this week. The models, and history, all indicated the Democrats should take the House of Representatives, and the pre-election numbers in the Senate gave virtually no chance of a flip.

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Marc Ruiz of Oak Partners, Mind on Money: College Loan Process Must Be Managed Closely

Marc-Ruiz As we talked about last week, my family is in college shopping mode. We’ve got our list narrowed down to a few different schools. A few are smaller private Catholic universities and, of course, Purdue. The “sticker price” of the private schools have me concerned about cost, and in order to get even merit-based (grades and scores) student aid, the family must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, known as the FAFSA, which I did last week.

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Marc Ruiz of Oak Partners, Mind on Money: The College Experience Begins With Financial Aid

Marc-Ruiz Our family has been in college visit mode for the past six months. My second daughter, a spunky redhead with a huge heart, is on deck. Her high school performance has been exceptional, so no school is out of the realm of possibility.

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Tim Rice of Lakeside Wealth Management Receives Recognition for Community Service


Tim Rice noted that when the Executive Director of Invest in Others called to let him know he was a finalist for their Community Service Award, she probably wondered if he was still on the phone. He was speechless that his work, much of which lies with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana, could be considered the same caliber as others nominated by this amazing organization.

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Marc Ruiz of Oak Partners, Mind on Money: Time for Gen X to Focus on Retirement Plans

Marc-Ruiz OK guys, I guess it's time to get serious. For the first time in my career, during new-client intake meetings, people are beginning to ask, “What is the plan for your practice when you retire”?

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REGIONAL Federal Credit Union Fraud Prevention Unit Dispatch: Affinity Fraud

REGIONAL-Federal-Credit-Union-Fraud-Prevention-Unit-Dispatch-Affinity-FraudWHAT IS AFFINITY FRAUD?
At the beginning of Side 3 of Grand Funk Railroad's 1970 Live Album, Mark Farner shirtlessly tells the audience this (edited for clarity):

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Marc Ruiz of Oak Partners, Mind on Money: Beware the ‘Pot Stock’ Frenzy


If I must have one more conversation about marijuana stocks I’m going to need a drink. With the impending high-profile recreational legalization of marijuana in Canada, “pot stocks,” whatever they are, have gone insane over the past two weeks, ensnaring some investors I wouldn’t have thought would be susceptible to this speculative frenzy.

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