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A whole-person approach to financial advising: Part 2 of a two-part Oak Partners series


Setting up shop in Oak Partners, Inc.’s inviting office in downtown Valparaiso, Chris Mahlmann, Founder of the Life Sites, convened a round-table discussion with members of the Oak Partners team. The group covered a lot of ground in the space of an hour, uncovering interesting and even somewhat surprising insights into why financial planning matters – and for whom. Welcome to Part 2 of a two-part in-depth series on how solid financial advice can significantly improve your quality of life.

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Mind on Money: Roth 401k warrants another look

More employers now are offering Roth 401(k) options in their employer-sponsored retirement plans. The Roth retirement plan offers some attractive benefits and this option merits some considerations for retirement savers.

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Marc Ruiz of Oak Partners, Mind on Money: Enjoy the run

Marc-Ruiz In late September of last year, fears of a recession and widely predicted declines in corporate profits dominated the financial press. As could be expected, investor sentiment soon followed suit and U.S. stocks went into steep declines.

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Please join First Trust Credit Union as they celebrate Small Business Week

first-trust-logoFirst Trust Credit Union is celebrating Small Business Week from May 6-11, 2019! Small Business Week is a nationally recognized week that celebrates the positive impact that small business owners and entrepreneurs have on the communities they serve. Come in to any First Trust Credit Union branch during Small Business Week to open a business savings AND checking account and receive a free gift as a token of our appreciation.

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Marc Ruiz of Oak Partners, Mind on Money: The best way to approach debt reduction


April is National Financial Literacy month so we are going back to financial planning basics. Last week we discussed the first two steps in the process toward financial independence used by many financial advisers, and promoted by financial media personalities such as Dave Ramsey.

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Beverly Strickland Appointed as Assistant Vice President with Centier Bank

Beverly-Strickland-Appointed-as-Assistant-Vice-President-with-Centier-BankMichael E. Schrage, President and CEO of Centier Bank, is pleased to announce the appointment of Beverly Strickland as Assistant Vice President with Centier Bank.

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Marc Ruiz of Oak Partners, Mind on Money: April is financial literacy month

Marc-Ruiz April is national financial literacy month. A topic near and dear to my heart. If I had to give America a financial literacy grade I would say we have a solid C+, but I believe we are trending higher. The very fact we have a high-profile financial literacy month is encouraging in its own right.

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Take Charge and Build Your Credit with First Trust Credit Union

Take-Charge-and-Build-Your-Credit-with-First-Trust-Credit-UnionPut your tax return & savings to work for you!

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Check Your Credit Score for Free with First Trust Credit Union

Check-Your-Credit-Score-for-Free-with-First-Trust-Credit-UnionNow you can view your credit score anywhere, anytime... for free!

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Cracking Open Economics: Lessons from the Price of Eggs

Benjamin-F-Edwards-Co-Brings-Client-First-Service-and-Informed-Investment-Advice Have you bought a carton of eggs lately? If so, you might have been pleasantly surprised to see how inexpensive they are these days. As of this writing, they’re averaging a 48% national price drop from two years ago.

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Marc Ruiz of Oak Partners, Mind on Money: Down to the wire on reducing 2018 tax burden

Marc-Ruiz With April 15 fast approaching, we are getting down to the wire on taking steps to potentially reduce your tax bill. As I mentioned in the column a couple of weeks ago, almost immediately following the Tax Reform and Jobs Act of 2017, the government immediately adjusted tax withholding tables in an effort to make the effects of the tax reduction immediately felt in paychecks.

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