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New Tax Guide a Valuable Asset for Indiana Businesses

Indiana-Taxation-230x300We take great pride in helping to educate our members and customers through our many publications. The latest example is the newest edition of the Indiana Taxation Handbook, a valuable resource for those who deal with Indiana tax issues.

As a result of changes in tax law and policy over the last two legislative sessions, new and revised sections of the Indiana Tax Handbook: 2013-14 Edition include:

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Visclosky Votes to Endorse Balanced, Long-Term Budget Solution

Pete-ViscloskyCongressman Visclosky voted yesterday in support of the Schrader-Cooper-Wolf-Gibson Amendment to the Republican-backed “Require a Plan D Act.” The Amendment recommends that the findings of the Simpson-Bowles Commission, a balanced package of revenue and spending reforms, should form the basis for future budget talks in Washington. The Amendment offered by Rep. Schrader (D-OR) received the support of 53 Democrats and 22 Republicans in the House of Representatives. The Amendment failed, 348-75.

“As we enter yet another round of high-stakes budget negotiations, I remind my colleagues of the choice before us: we can either govern by sound bite or govern by making thoughtful, deliberate decisions about the country’s fiscal future,” Congressman Visclosky said following his vote. “It’s tempting to offer plans that do nothing to...

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Gun Permit Fingerprinting Procedures Changing

valpopoliceBeginning Monday February 4th the Valparaiso Police Department’s gun permit procedures will be changing. On Monday gun permit applicants will first be required to apply online for a gun permit and within 30 days schedule an appointment at L1 Solutions to be electronically fingerprinted.

The Valparaiso Police Department will no longer fingerprint hand gun applicants at the Valparaiso Police Department. Once applicants obtain a fingerprint receipt from L1 Solutions they will then be required to pay the local fees at the Valparaiso Police Department to complete the gun permit application process.

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Rhame & Elwood Employee Spotlight: Scott McClure

Scott-McClureRhame & Elwood Attorneys at Law, located on Willowcreek Road in Portage, is filled with talented, community oriented individuals that are passionate about the work that they do. Attorney Scott McClure, who became an associate at Rhame & Elwood in 2001, certainly fits that description.

McClure graduated from La Porte High School in 1994 and Indiana University in 1998 before attending DePaul School of Law. He started clerking at Rhame & Elwood during his second year of law school, before latching on full time after graduating in 2001.

“I had wanted to be a lawyer for quite a bit of time,” McClure said. “This gives you a unique opportunity to be in a position where you can...

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NAP Credits Available Through Opportunity Enterprises

oe logoOpportunity Enterprises currently has $1,455 ($2,910 in donations) in Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) tax credits available for allocation. The credits, which will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, will support renovations in the seven group homes for adults with disabilities the agency owns and operates throughout Porter County.

NAP tax credits are available for donations of at least $100, and allow donors to receive 50% of their total donation back in the form of tax credits through the state of Indiana. To find out more about the NAP program, visit http://www.in.gov/ihcda/2526.htm.

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Wanted: More Legal Assistance

gavelRecent news from the legal profession has focused on the difficulty of new lawyers in finding jobs. Is that changing? A third of law firms and corporations participating in a quarterly survey indicated they are seeking to hire full-time legal staff.

The Robert Half Legal Hiring Index noted that just 2% anticipate staff reductions. The net 30% of respondents projecting an increase in hiring activity is up eight points from the previous quarter’s forecast. Law firms are expected to do the majority of the hiring in the upcoming quarter.

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NIPSCO Economic Development Update: Legislation Into Law

New laws passed by the Indiana General Assembly are woven into the fabric of economic development in the state.

Three In the News

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce highlighted three new pieces of legislation as having the potential to positively impact Hoosiers for generations to come.

HEA 1001: Right to Work for Employees
Indiana received national attention when the Right to Work Act was passed, and signed by Governor Daniels on February 1. Right-to-work for employees prohibits unions from requiring workers to join or pay dues to a labor union to get or keep a job in the state. It does not eliminate unions or collective bargaining, apply to federal employees, or affect collective bargaining in the construction industry. Indiana is the 23rd right-to-work state; the neighboring Midwest states...

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Indiana's "Second Chance Act" Can Provide Relief From Past Mistakes

Do you have an old Indiana conviction that you dread revealing to potential employers? Under Indiana’s new “Second Chance Act”, you may no longer have to tell anyone and employers may not be allowed to find out!

In an August article, we discussed how Indiana’s new expungement statute could help criminal defense attorneys plan ahead and negotiate for your conviction to be vacated. However, that doesn’t help those who have old convictions. The better news for those individuals is that a new “Second Chance Act” allows records of nonviolent, non-sexual misdemeanors and...

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The Voting Population is Gettin' on in Years

IndianaChamberAn intriguing paper from Brookings relays how America’s voting population is skewing older. This is the first time in history (or at least the first census) in which people 45 and older made up the majority of the voting population.

These trends have combined today to yield an older nation. Median U.S. age is 37.2—up from 32.6 in 1990. Now nearly four in ten Americans (39 percent) are over age 45, up from 34 percent in 2000 and 31 percent in 1990…

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IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program Looking for Volunteer Tax Preparers

Training provided online through the IRS "Link and Learn" program for becoming a certified tax preparer to aid elderly and low-to-moderate-income taxpayers

For the second year, the United Way Regional Volunteer Center is looking for volunteers to prepare taxes for elderly and low-to-moderate-income taxpayers. Training will be available online by the Internal Revenue Service beginning Nov. 14 for the 2011 Tax season, said George Kuebler, VITA facilitator for Porter County, with the United Way Regional Volunteer Center.

"Key to the success of the program is having volunteer tax preparers to accommodate the increasing number of people who need no-cost tax preparation," added Kuebler. "Last year the VITA volunteers prepared taxes for more than 200 tax clients," he...

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Crowd-funding a Hot Topic for Government, Businesses

IndianaChamberLegislation is going through the United States Congress to make it easier for small businesses in America to benefit from crowd-funding. Look for more on this topic in an upcoming edition of BizVoice (via a column from Kevin Hitchen, a founding member of LocalStake). For now, The Wall Street Journal blog relays:

The U.S. House advanced legislation this week that would make it easier for smaller companies to raise money from investors.

House lawmakers, in overwhelming bipartisan votes, completed work Thursday on four bills as the measures drew interest in the Senate. President Barack Obama also...

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