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Muller Acura Brings World's Strongest Man to the 2016 Popcorn Festival

The World’s Strongest Man and one of the region’s biggest festivals collided on Saturday afternoon. Muller Acura of Merrillville made the combination a highlight of the Popcorn Festival. Located right in front of the William E. Urschel pavilion in the heart of downtown Valpo, the World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw welcomed fans at the Muller Acura booth for photos, an interactive photo booth, and some light hearted chatter while hanging with friends from Muller.

“Muller Acura of Merrillville has a lot of great customers from Valparaiso, so it’s great to be a part of their biggest festival, and also to be able to have Brian Shaw back with us again,” Glenn Muller of Muller Acura explained. “Brian is a really great guy - we started a great business relationship and a friendship as well. If I wanted someone to represent my business I want a quality individual, and Brian is that quality guy. He’s a world class athlete but also a world class human being. So we decided to bring him out to get the word out at Popcorn Fest today, along with the other things here at our booth. It’s been a great”

Anyone walking up to Muller booth would notice that Shaw’s an imposing figure, standing tall amongst the crowd. What wasn’t intimidating was the man himself, welcoming tons of people to get photos and to answer their burning questions. Shaw stated that it’s good to come back the region again and see people welcome him with open arms.

“Everyone that I’ve meet today has been so nice, and I’m so glad to be back here. It’s a huge festival and I’m happy to be a part of it,” Shaw said. “I 100% love being able to do stuff like this. I’m thankful for the people at Muller Acura and Glenn for bringing me back to NWI. It’s good to represent such great people and be able to be a part of their day today.”

Shaw’s fans had just as much of a good time, with kids and adults alike shaking hands, posing, and smiling huge for their photos. Dianna Kaafarani, from Alpha, Michigan, got a photo with Shaw not only because she’s a fan, but her son is as well.

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“My son, who’s a personal trainer in Los Angeles, is a huge fan. I had to come over to get a photo and to send him the picture. He’ll love it,” Kaafarani explained. “It was great to meet him and see him in person, he really lives up to his size. He’s also really nice too, it was great to talk for a bit as well.”

Muller Acura also pulled out the stops with other activities as well. Rick Mech, of Big Mouth Advertising in partnership with Muller Acura, helped organize the booth, said that their presence at Popcorn was a great opportunity to get the word out about Muller and to have some fun as well.

“Not only is Brian here to welcome everyone, but we also have a free fun green screen photo booth from the team at Fab Photo for people to take home a souvenir on Muller,” Mech stated. “All of this is really fun and it’s a cool thing to do to be able to be here at the festival and bring some great things for Muller to have at their booth. It all works great together and it’s been an awesome time.”

With the green screen photo booth, Shaw himself, and the people of Muller the booth was a hot attraction for Popcorn Festival go-ers. Creating a huge crowd and a warm welcome to the people of Muller, the Strongest Man a fantastic team hit Popcorn Festival off right and it will sure be a great memory for years to come.

For more information on Muller Acura, click here.

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